Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

Week by week..

WEEK 1 - tired, sleepy, feel bored and bad.

WEEK 2 - working mood, nervous, get ready to work, excited, perform well.

WEEK 3 - get flu, unwell, stress, "sengal", frustrated of low performance, get injection, wearing mask to prevent H1N1.

WEEK 4 and forever... (insyaAllah)
Smile always.. whatever happened, i will never give up until i reach my goals. Keep it up and always moving forward. Lets bygone be bygone. Thanks everyone, give me strength to be a strong girl. I'll always pray for your happiness and hope we will gain from pain that we faced today.

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Helas(^o^)\m/ berkata...

hahaha. baru lagi aku tgk update.. trus kan meng update haha

: : memeng : : berkata...

haha.. bz sikit.. hik hikk.. ;)

apau si pemalas nak sign in blog berkata...

2nd pic mcm gmbr muda2 jek?

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