Rabu, 10 Februari 2010

don't let me eat so much!!

arghh.. this few days so many thing happens that make me so tens.. as usual, when i feel tens or bored, or any negative issue, i will ehem.. ehem...alar.. i will... errmm... i will EAT so much.. Oh my Allah.. please give me strength.. to handle this challenges and to control my self..

nothing serious actually, just because its so simple but i can't handle it, i feel like arrrghh... stress.. hurm...

what actually happen is...
- my handphone keypad problem.. i can't press the button..
- my laptop keyboard problem.. can press but when press A it appear L.. huhu..
(wonder how i wrote this entry? hak hak.. use "on-screen keyboard" lah.. huhu)
- my internal n external problem..
- my brain problem.. i can't think the solution.. huhu..

any recommendation of that issues? especially issue number 2.. huhu.. please..
May Allah bless u.. ;)

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ijad berkata...

cantik blog...

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terima kasih.. ;)

Apau berkata...

jari tgn ko telah membesar tahap jari kaki, so sile pikir sndri, hihihi

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